The next step is to go back to the Engage plugin within WooCommerce and place the shortcodes just created. There are two options for doing this,

  1. Add the shortcode directly to the site using a widget, a textblock within the pagebuilder etc

  2. For the Product Page the standard hooks are avaiable to use from within the Engage plugin. Just select the recommendation block to be displayed in the position of the page that you would like to use.


If adding the short code directly, without making a block design from within the Engage plattform the below parameters should be used. It should be noted that this is not the recommended approach since the ability to track the recommendation performance per block/page will not be possible.


  • [ zlt_default ] => Use this when you like to use the default theme style for recommendations

  • [ zlt tid=1 ] => Use this when you want to specify the design template to use

Make sure to use single quotes when setting string parameters. E.g. [zlt_defaultmodel='my_model_id' columns=4]

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