Liquid file

To deploy the recommendations directly into the liquid files, the following steps needs to be performed.

Start by heading into engage and fetch the code snippet generated from previous steps when creating the recommendation block. The code snippet is displayed when pressing the deploy button.

Copy the snippet designed for Shopify and head back to the admin panel of Shopify.

<div class="zlt" data-id="[ADD YOUR BLOCK ID]" 
data-key="[ADD YOUR TRACKER KEY]" 

Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Edit Code

Within the section folder, identify the liquid related to the page where the recommendations should be placed. In below example the recommendations are placed on the product page.

Identify the position where the recommendations should be placed, if uncertain, start by adding the code snippet on the bottom of the liquid file.

Save your changes and check the live site to make sure that the result is as expected.

Please note, it might take up to 24h before the recommendation engine has been fully trained. The time it takes is relegated to the amount of data to be processed.

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