Login to Engage to get your block id.

From within the Engage: Growth Data Platform APP go to, deploy recommendations.

The theme editor will open, navigate to the page where recommendations should be deployed, in below example the product page is being used. Add a section or a block within a section and select Zubi Recommendations from APPs.

If it is not possible to add the recommendation block using the theme editor, use this guide to add the block directly into the liquid files.

Once the block has been added, access the right hand side menu panel to add the blockId (created in previous steps in Engage) and make optional configuration to padding and margins. There is also a possibility to add custom CSS in the if needed.

Save and check the result on the live page.

Please note, it might take up to 24h before the recommendation engine has been fully trained. The time it takes is related to the amount of data to be processed.

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