Remarketing with Google Ads

Use Google Analytics 4 data to create remarketing campaigns in Google Ads. To do this you need to connect Google Ads to the Google Analytics 4 account you already use in Engage.


  • A Google Analytics 4 account (create it here)

  • A Google Ads account (create it here)

  • An Engage account (sign up here)

  • Enable the Google Analytics destination in Engage.

Activate Signals

Read more about activating Signals here.

Head to Settings -> Admin -> Property -> Tracking Info -> Data Collection to activate Signals. On the screen below, simply click Get started and go through the on screen wizard to activate Signals.

When done you should see the following screen.


Read all about creating google audiences here

You may use one of the existing audiences or create a custom one. To create a custom one, click New audience and follow the on screen wizard.

Google Ads

Head over to your Google Ads account to use your audience in remarketing. Start by creating a new campaign and select the goal type you want.

Make sure to select Standard Display campaign and click Continue.

Go to Targeting and click on Audience Segments.

Then go to How they interacted with your business under Browse, and open the Website visitors menu. Select the audience you like to use and click Done.

You may select multiple audiences, and you create new ones in Google Analytics 4 to use here. You can also create your own in the Google Ads Audience Manager, but this will require additional event tags on your website.

Read the official Google help for activating remarketing using GA4.

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