Setup dynamic audiences

Dynamic audiences contains a user or customer list that is kept up-to-date based on the rules applied to the audience when created, and an integration to the advertising platform that keep the audience in sync at all time. The idea is to hyper-target a very precise set of users or customers with a specific message, and then surpress that message and switch to a new one as the user takes an action, or in other ways becomes obsolete for the particular message.

Dynamic audiences are complex in nature, but Engage makes them very simple to setup and maintain. There are really only two steps to create dynamic audiences that you can use in your marketing.

Step 1, Creating the audience

In Engage, head to Personalization -> Audiences and create a new audience. Select the filter you want to include and save your audience.

If your audience targets users that are already customers you should use segments instead of audiences. Create a segment at Personalization -> segments

Step 2, Create an action to sync an audience

Make sure you've activated the integration for the advertising platform you wish to use, then head to Data platform -> Actions to setup audience sync. Just follow the on screen instructions to get started.

Thats it! You have now setup a dynamic audience that will maintain an updated list of users at all times and sync it to your selected advertising platform. Repeat the steps to create more audiences for you to use, then create your campaigns on the advertising platform.

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