Facebook dynamic product ads

Dynamic Product Ads

Our Facebook Pixel integration is built to support Facebooks Dynamic Product Ads. These are ads that typically performs much better than regular ads since they have the ability to display the exact product the customer was looking at, but did not buy yet. Remarket the products of interest to a potential customer across the entire reach of Facebook.

Get started with dynamic ads

To start using dynamic ads you need to provide a product catalog to Facebook, and design a dynamic ads template that Facebook can use to display your products. We have already taken care of setting up the Facebook Pixel for dynamic ads, so there is no further steps to complete for the tracking.

Steps to complete:

  1. Set up the required tracking - Already done

  2. Provide a Facebook Product Catalog

  3. Design the Ads template to use

As mentioned above, the tracking setup is already done for the integration. But it is important that you have defined the following events in the engage tracker for this to work properly.

  • Product Seen

  • Product Viewed

  • Added to Cart

  • Order Completed

Then you can follow this guide to provide the product catalog and to create your ads. https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/dynamic-ads

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