Below is a step-by-step guide on how to attach personalized product recommendations in your email campaigns using SendGrid.
1. Start by fetching your url for using product recommendations in emails, the link can be found on the engage platform which is reached using the following link: ->
The url looks like below,[nano_id]/[email]/[id]
The following variables need to be changed when added to your email template,
Your engage nano_id
Use the notation used by your email service for dynamically set the receiver email address (
Represents the product recommendation ID, values [0-7] are available to use where the lower ID the higher (better) recommendation score
Note: [nano_id] above represents your "account ID", hence it will always be the same independently of the email service used
2. Set the ID (0-9) of the recommendation to be displayed, note that if the same ID is used for two or more recommendations the same products will be displayed. The lower the number the higher score from the recommendation engine. This means that if three recommendations are going to be displayed in the email three different urls will be used, for example,
3. Add the created url (in step 3 and 4) into the image URL field in Sendgrid
4. Add the below url into the link field, if you would like the images to be linked to the product within your store (optional)[nano_id]/[email]/0
Note: The same ID needs to be used on the image url and the link url otherwise the link and image will not match
5. If using a button make sure to add a link to the button (same url as in step 4),[nano_id]url/yourID/[email]/0
Note: If fill is being used it is important that the same fill is used in both image and link, otherwise there is a risk that product and link will mismatch.
6. Add the design parameters to your url (optional)
Below is an example of what the configuration might look like:
Combine the above configuration with your unique link for email product recommendations,[nano_id]/[email]/0?w=300&fill=0&fs=1.5rem+1.25rem&fw=300+400&
7. Test the recommendations either by sending a test email or view the email in preview. If everything is entered correct, product recommendations will be fetched.
Note: We have seen cases where the settings for the recommendation not being displayed in the "preview mode" hence we recommend to use the method of sending a test email instead.
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